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The number of beneficiaries in Borena zone has reached more than 604 thousand

The Deputy Head of Busa Gonofa, Malicha Loje (Dr.) mentioned that the drought was not only in Borena but in 10 zones including the two Guji zones.

The deputy chief who said that he went to the drought-affected Borena zone and observed the situation, said that he noticed that people were suffering from lack of food due to the drought.

However, he pointed out that there was no one who died due to hunger and confirmed from the people in the area.

According to the deputy chief, a study will be conducted to find out the state of the drought in two seasons, February and June. According to this, as the drought has been confirmed this year, the region has drawn up plans and is moving at every level.

He mentioned that aid is being given in four rounds and for Borena alone, up to the third round, the cooperation of the state and the federal government has provided food aid to about 375,000 people.

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