90’s Dereje Haile & Kibebew Geda’s best ever comedy show

90’s Dereje Haile & Kibebew Geda’s best ever comedy show. Seifu Fantahun, Shewaferahu Desalegn, Serawit Fikre and Tamiru Birhanu sitdown to judge the performance presented by Asres Bekele, Kibebew Geda, and Dereje Haile.

TPLF said that the crimes committed in Tigray should be investigated
The United Nations has reported serious violations of rights in the war in northern Ethiopia.

It will be remembered that the Ethiopian government said that it will not allow the UN investigation team to enter Ethiopia

The international crime committed in Tigray should be investigated, said TPLF chairman Dr. Debretzion G/Michael.

Dr. Debretzion said that justice should be ensured in a statement given to the regional media regarding the crimes committed during the war and accountability. They said they want the United Nations Human Rights Council to continue the investigation started by the group of experts investigating human rights violations in Ethiopia.

“The team has not come to Tigray yet; The investigation must be conducted; Justice should reign,” Bhawal, the chairman.

The chairman said this because he opposed the investigative team that extended its working period for one year, the day after the Ethiopian government asked for the support of African countries.

It will not be forgotten that Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonon called on African countries to support Ethiopia’s request for the dissolution of the group established by the United Nations at the executive meeting held a few days ago.

Ato Demeke Mekonen also stated that the group hinders the agreement reached in Pretoria and prevents the implementation of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s report and solutions.

The foreign minister said that Ethiopia will not allow the investigative team to enter and work in Ethiopia.

It can be seen that various countries, including the United States, are putting pressure on accountability for the rights violations committed in the war in northern Ethiopia.

It will be remembered that this was the main agenda of the foreign ministers of Germany and France who recently came to Ethiopia and discussed with Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

It should not be forgotten that German Foreign Minister Berbock said that the main purpose of his visit was to support Ethiopia in its journey to “establish accountability for lasting peace and human rights violations”.

The minister mentioned the shocking and tragic events of the war in northern Ethiopia and said, “There is no lasting peace without justice.”

International human rights institutions, including the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, have reported the commission of crimes that could amount to war crimes.

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