A man sold his wife to his rich friend

A man sold his wife to his rich comrade

The Oromia region called for negotiations and reconciliation with OLAShene.

The President of the Oromia Regional Government, Ato Shimelis Abdisa, presented a report to the Chief Minister today.
In their report, they called on armed forces like Shene to come to peace through dialogue.

In his report, the president of the region said that a lot of work has been done to increase production and productivity in the agricultural sector.

He explained that he was able to supply wheat to the foreign market through irrigation and irrigation in the cluster.
He said that besides ensuring food security in the region, it was also possible to be effective by actively participating in the wheat production that was done to supply it to the foreign market.

OBN reported that the Oromia region has done a successful job in the green footprint program implemented as a country, and that 4.16 billion saplings planted on 1.15 million hectares of land last summer are being cared for and 92 percent of the first phase of the evaluation has been approved.

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