A teacher whose body shape becomes problem for her and students

A teacher whose body shape becomes problem for her and students. A curvy South African teacher has become a viral sensation because of her curves and social media users are referring to her as the sexiest teacher.

The teacher, named Lulu Menziwa, has a huge following on Instagram because of her massive backside. She regularly shares photos of herself teaching in class while dressed in outfits that accentuate her curves.

It was heard that undocumented Ethiopians in Sudan are being raped

Besrat Radio reported that undocumented Ethiopians in Sudan are being imprisoned. Citizens who have made their lives in Sudan have told our site that the same Ethiopians who are being imprisoned are being subjected to human rights violations in prisons.

He is a health professional and has been living in Sudan for the past 12 years. He explained that the violation of rights that the country’s police are inflicting on Ethiopians is high. According to Urdowesen; He said that the crime of rape is being committed against women and men in prison. He also stated that they will be beaten and denied food.

He added, “The Sudanese officers take the prisoners to their private homes and make them do construction and other labor jobs.” He also added that agricultural and other jobs are being held against the prisoners against their will.

Another resident of Khartoum city, Kiyru Mohammed, told Bisrat Radio; He said that the Ethiopians are being chased by the security forces. He said that undocumented Ethiopians are forced to pay large sums of money when they are placed under police custody.

Bisrat has seen from the embassy’s social media page that the Ethiopian Embassy in Khartoum is working to allow illegal Ethiopians to have passports. However, the Ethiopians in the country said that the embassy failed to respond properly to the violation of rights that is happening to the citizens. Even if we report every violation in the prisons to the embassy, he does not respond to us; Some Ethiopians have obtained refugee IDs through the United Nations Refugee Agency in the country, and he also said that the agency is discriminating.

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