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Priests and other sections of the community under St. Lalibela Monastery are affected by the lack of tourism activities;
Due to the lack of tourism activities due to the Covenant-19 and the war, priests and other sections of the society under the administration of St. Lalibela Monastery are in a difficult situation.
The monastery’s administrator and pope made a statement on the current state of the Lalibela rock-cut churches.
Currently, no tourists are coming to the area, and more than 10,000 priests and their families have been affected.
The monastery’s administrator, Abba Tsige Selassie, said more than 100 staff, 800 model students, and 200 elderly people, as well as orphans, were in trouble.
He called on the government and other stakeholders to support the monastery.
Archbishop Abune Ermias of the Diocese of North Wollo, South Wollo and Kemise said the rock-hewn churches of St. Lalibela are one of the most important monuments in Ethiopia.
However, he said that the current situation of the monastery should be supported by all.
He said a fundraising event will be held in Addis Ababa this weekend.
Currently, there is a lack of electricity and water supply in the area, which is causing further damage to the population, the statement said.

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