Abel Mulugeta mocks Teddy Afro for his new single with his own new single music

Artist Abel Mulugeta, vocalist, song writer and music contest judge at famous Tv series called Fana Lamrot broadcasted on the Fana Broadcasting corporate cable tv network, mocks artist Tewodros Kassahun(Teddy Afro) for being biased and opportunist, while releasing his new single music Na’et(eyamemew no 2) three days ago, in which the singer manifested his anger on the government officials for being carless and senseless about the ongoing death of thousand of civilians.

The world is hearing the condemnation of the recent genocide in Welega, now known as Akeldama. This injustice, which has dominated our country’s informal media lately, has brought us to the brink of extremes. In addition to causing us to look at the depraved images with sadness and remorse, it can also cause us to feel overwhelmed by the suffering of our fellow citizens. We saw the tragedy happen to us when it happened in a distant land.

Although he did not condone this, he chose to remain silent and stand by his side. Compassionate people who have seen the government refuse to declare national mourning and are reluctant to take action are seen as doing their best. In addition to voicing their grievances, those who survived the massacre were seen trying to avoid further violence or to seek help. The government has been widely criticized for planting saplings and other nonsense programs.

Those who could, in writing, in music, in poetry, and in speech, informed the public of the tragedy and the negligence and involvement of government officials, while those who could not, took part in the campaign. In the process, many of the world’s media reported, but the fact that our government tongues were silenced like a cart horse made many people even more shocked. In addition to the public outcry over the use of public funds, the practice of intimidating people by branding them as “cryers” has also failed. It is also noteworthy that the current state of affairs in the Amhara region is being undermined.

During the week of the tragedy, many were embarrassed by the government’s refusal to plant seedlings. Not only that, but he also tried to point out the future by saying, On the other hand, “Red Finger” and other slogans have been seen on social media to raise awareness of the atrocities. Although the term “red fingerprint” is said to be a substitute for green, it has been the subject of many hypotheses because it did not include the opinion of the electorate. Why was the word chosen? At the bottom of Camille’s case, there was a conspiracy to suggest that the government was involved. There have been indications that “white terror will be reversed by red terror,” and that a green one will be uprooted and a “red fingerprint” will emerge.

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