Abiy Ahmed betrayed Us, despite our agreement – Abune Natnael

Abune (Archbishop) Natnael, said the even though the holy synod and prime minister Abiy has agreed to desolve the illegally established synod, the government seems to break its word and betrayed us.

The controversy caused by the appointment of illegal bishops, which is said to be an act that undermines the unity of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, or the self-proclaimed “Synod of Oromia and Nationalities” is raging.

It is felt that after the issue has been discussed, the government has discussed with both the parties and facilitated the situation so that the problem can be resolved through dialogue.

* * *

It is not uncommon for us to send wheat. During the reign of the former kings, even unsprouted corn was freely given to the now rich countries of the Gulf. Not to mention the king Abajfar
They also helped Mecca residents with millet, flax, lentils, and beans that year.

Even though Russia is beating me, I am still providing wheat to Africa today, for example, the wheat they sent to Ethiopia is not available, because it is not a month since we have Yokeren, who is spreading our history. While the people of Borna zone are stuck with hunger and there are 2 million displaced people in the entire country, it is self-inflicted to say that we are going ahead and supplying wheat to the foreign market for promotion. When we first stand on our own, we listen to the rumors, but if the aid wheat is coming in Djibouti and the wheat we exported reaches Kenya, we will have to talk to ourselves.

It is not the land that is given to us, it feeds us the world. But now we cannot grow with the theft that has taken out the eyes in the foundation, we can organize leaders who hate theft and work for the country as well as the lungs.

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