Abreha Desta: I would rather be under TPLF’s tyranny than letting Prosperity party to Tigray region

I was against the TPLF said Abreha Desta, the former chairman of Arena Party, Because I believe our people need better leadership. Recently, however, I have not seen opposition to the TPLF. As a result, PP people are accusing me of saying, “Abraham has become a supporter of the TPLF.”
I am not even a supporter of the TPLF. But I am a supporter of the people of Tigray. It is not right to oppose the TPLF when the people of Tigray are invaded, besieged and killed by the enemy. In this challenging time, there should be no difference between the forces of Tigray. (Of course I do not support the TPLF’s incursion into Amhara and Afar)
I was against the TPLF so that the people of Tigray could be better governed by their children, not by a prosperous party. If opposing my TPLF benefits prosperity, I will stop opposing the TPLF. Because in terms of the interests of the people of Tigray, prosperity is worse than the TPLF. The TPLF is oppressing the people of Tigray; Prosperity is the enemy of the people of Tigray.
If the TPLF denies us rights. But prosperity kills us. The TPLF is bad, but it is ours. But prosperity is foreign, If he gets a chance, he will destroy us. So I want the people of Tigray to be ruled by their children. But if the Prosperity Party enters Tigray, I would prefer the TPLF to rule us forever.
That’s why I am moderate against the TPLF!

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