Actress Helen Bedilu: my fame brings misfortune to my family – untold sad story of the famous actress

Menelik Fano’s speech on current affairs
We urge the people of Amhara to prepare themselves for the struggle, knowing that the only way to stop and save the genocide and land grabbing by the T-TPLF rebels is to stop and save themselves once and for all.
2) The leader of the people of Amhara is the only people of Amhara.
3) All Amhara investors should stop flirting and stand by Fano to fulfill their historic responsibility to save themselves and their people.
2) Every Amhara youth should be educated and equipped to repeat the story of his ancestors, otherwise he is a resident of Amhara land, not Amhara.
2) Prosperity is the enemy of the Amhara people and the Oromo people are the enemy of the Oromo people.

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