Actress Sayat Demsie: I humbly decline to accept the award

I humbly accept the award
I strongly believe in encouraging competition, but I am a human being and I have my own ideas and ways.
Dear Guma Award organizers, I have already announced to all organizations that I will not participate in any nomination and competition forum for your esteemed organization. I do not understand why the reward should be given when my worthy partner should donate. But my conscience and I do not accept the reward with true respect.
If we have a policy limit, the tax rate and the uncomfortable perception of the profession, then working in this profession is a great achievement for all my colleagues.
I am honored that my professional partners, who are named after me in the competition, are as talented as you are. I’m really glad you thought the organizers were as talented as my professional counterparts.
I always think that whatever I do, I will do whatever it takes to live my life in a unique way, to write a story and to get emotional. What do your fans say to you? Just accept it. However, my real friends and I know each other and they know me. So, personally, I will stay away from any competition for the honor of being a candidate in the future. Thank you.
Artist Sayat Demise

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