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“We have held discussions with the Prime Minister regarding the Patriotic Era case!” Member of the House of Representatives Mr. Christian Tadele
The issue of our brothers was brought up in the parliamentary session attended by the honorable Prime Minister and we had many exchanges of ideas in and outside the hall. The political and security leaders of the federal government had a strong desire for the matter to end peacefully. They have. The basic issue is that some issues that should have been resolved by the region have not been resolved. During the last meeting of the Amhara Regional Council, we had made a speech to announce the amnesty proclamation and lead the efforts for the persecuted brothers, including Zemene Kassie, to come to peace.

I would like to state that the issue has not been resolved so far only because of the efforts of the state government. Since the Honorable Prime Minister has asserted in the House of Representatives that the election of his government is only for peace; On the part of the region, I would like to remind everyone to exert good pressure so that the matter is handled by the government higher than personal feelings. Children who are being chased by the government’s law-enforcement campaign, including the present, have given assurance that they will accept the option of a peaceful solution.

From this point of view, as a citizen who is concerned about the affairs of the people like myself and his people, I convey my message to those who are giving a bad name to my efforts and trying to undermine the efforts being made, to understand the reality and play a good role. I appeal to some of the leaders of the opposition party who have decided to go into the campaign of persecuting the leaders of the region in an inappropriate manner, because the destruction of our brothers who have been killed outside the law by your advice is enough to refrain from such activities.

On this occasion, I would like to thank the political and security leaders at all levels for accepting and partially fulfilling our request for the release of prisoners of war. Even today, I present to you the usual desire to release those who are being tortured in prison in an unjustified manner.

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