Amanuel Habtamu amazing family life

Amanuel Habtamu amazing family life

The owner and founder of the “Roha” YouTube channel, journalist Amaya Muhammad, has won this year’s European 2023 “International Heroic Women Award”.

In a statement issued by the US State Department, it was revealed that women from 11 different countries won the award, including Ethiopia’s Amaya. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US First Lady Jill Biden will present the award to the winners at a ceremony to be held at the White House tomorrow. The statement mentioned that Amami, by making reports on the victims of sexual violence in the northern Ethiopian war and speaking to the victims, they get support and those who committed human rights violations are prosecuted.

The award is given to women who demonstrate leadership skills in order to promote peace, justice, human rights, gender equality and women’s benefits in the midst of serious disasters.

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