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European Champions League trophy arrives in Addis Ababa
Clarence Sidorf, a Dutch footballer who is currently on a tour of various African countries, has arrived in Addis Ababa.
Ethiopia is one of the four countries that will be taking part in the European Champions League, which was unveiled at the Sheraton Addis Hotel today.
Following the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique, the Champions League traveled to Ethiopia, while Clarence Sedorf, who has won the trophy four times with three different European clubs, arrived in Addis Ababa.
President of the Ethiopian Football Federation, Isaias Jira, was the guest of honor.
“I am jealous of the European Champions League at this stage. I look forward to the time when our continent’s Champions League will reach its full potential and I hope that one day Ethiopia will produce some of the biggest names in world football,” he said.
I am delighted that Dutch footballer Clarence Siddorf had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia for the first time. “I am happy to be in Ethiopia with the European Champions League trophy,” he said.
The arrival of Ethiopia in the Champions League will inspire youngsters. “Football unites people,” he said.
Clarence Sidorf also visited the Friendship Park today and will play with young and former national team players at Abebe Bikila Stadium this afternoon, AMN reported.

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