Amazing Orthodox church wedding ceremony

Amazing Orthodox church wedding ceremony

A person who tried to sell 11 children for one million birr was sentenced to prison

According to the communication of Bale Zone Police Department, the accused Mohammed Ijeta was arrested while roaming around the districts of West Bale Zone and tried to smuggle eleven girls by tricking and persuading their families.

Eleven children between the ages of nine and twelve were arrested while moving along the Moyale coast in a single vehicle. Based on a tip from the local community, the Bale zone police followed up with the Borena zone police. It is stated that it has been rooted.

The Bale Zone Police Department sent to Basrat Radio that the Bale Zone High Court, who had been monitoring the prosecutor’s investigation record by importing the accused from Moyale town of Borena Zone, submitted the investigation record with human and documentary evidence, and sentenced the defendant, Mohamed Ijeta, to ten years in prison and a fine of five thousand birr. It indicates

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