Amazing painting which has $8 million insurance – Donkey Tube

Amazing painting which has $8 million insurance – Donkey Tube.

The Second Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Trial of the Birth Division of the Federal High Court decided that the church should file charges against 26 individuals who participated in illegal appointments until March 18, 2015 E.C.

According to a statement issued today by the legal department of the church, the ban prohibiting the individuals from entering Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo churches, taking property, and using the logo and name will continue until the mentioned date.

The lawyers of the constitutional appointees said that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has no legal personality and no authority to sue. You cannot accuse us; Since it is a religious matter, the court should not interfere. It should not be seen in court. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church cannot use the name “Tewahedo”. It is stated in the statement that although the church filed a counterclaim saying that it cannot sue on behalf of the believers, the court rejected it.

Stating that individuals involved in the illegal appointment are violating the ban, they pointed out that violating the court’s order and ban will make them criminally responsible.

It is mentioned in the statement that institutions ordered to implement this will be held responsible for not implementing it and that the implementation will be determined according to the direction given by the court tomorrow.

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