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Ethiopia – Russian relation is known for its strong bond which last more than a century now.

It was announced that the delegation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, led by His Eminence Abune Philip, has entered Russia/Moscow for bilateral talks.

A delegation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church led by His Beatitude Abune Philip, President of the Holy Trinity Theological University and Archbishop of South Omo Diocese, to discuss with His Holiness Kirill and His Beatitude Abune Matthias I, the Patriarch of Ethiopia, Archbishop Zeaxum Wechige, to deliver the message and message of the church. It is stated that he has entered Moscow to discuss further relations.

It is stated that the members of the delegation will be the Head of the External Relations Department of the EOTC, Teacher Daniel Seifu Michael, and the Head of the Department of Temporary and Permanent Projects of the Menbera Patriarch General Office, Angel of Life, Abba W. Jesus Seifu.

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