Another amazing kid who claim to be better than Mesud is found

Little kids in every corner of the world are cute and adorable for the way they talk, play or think differently about things they see around them. All kids are not the seam when it comes to intelligence, confidence, style and preference or hobby, there are some children, who amaze us for their extra ordinary capacity.

Addis Ababa is getting everything it has ready and super cool for the upcoming general assembly of the African Union called to be in action the coming days. Ethiopian, as the home of the headquarter and main office of the Union, is doing everything that has to be done to make the the capital, Addis Ababa, suitable, safe and reliable for honorable gusts, head of states and high level international personalities, who will come to attend the summit.

In accordance to this, the Hotel Owners Association, an organization who manage and evaluate the day to day activities and thrive to solve troubles related to the hospitality industry in the capital Addis Ababa, has announced that hotels have completed the necessary preparations for the 36th African Union Summit and have started receiving guests.

According to the president of the association, Mrs. Esther Solomon, hotels have made the necessary preparations to host the guests coming for the African Union Summit. He said that the committee led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued guidelines on how the hotels should treat the guests coming for the conference.

According to this, hotels have completed the necessary arrangements to accommodate guests without any problems with security, water, electricity, telephone and other services. The president of the association confirmed that it is working in coordination with the relevant stakeholders, starting with the police.
He pointed out that all the hotels have made the necessary preparations in relation to the Covid-19 precautionary guidelines.

He also explained that short phone numbers have been prepared to quickly inform the concerned parties in case of any problems related to security and other problems.

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