Artist Mariyamawit luxurious birthday party

Artist Mariyamawit luxurious birthday party .

Amnesty International has asked the Ethiopian government to lift the ban on selected social networking applications for a month and respect citizens’ rights.

In a statement issued today by the international human rights advocacy organization, Amnesty, it said that the one-month ban on social networking applications such as Facebook, Telegram, YouTube and Tik Tok violated citizens’ right to access information and freedom of expression.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Council (Esmegu) also criticized the Ethiopian government’s decision to cut off internet services without informing the public of the reason. Esemegu said that the government is not only suppressing people’s right to access information and freedom of expression, but is also “causing serious damage to the country’s economy”.

Topten VPN, a British company, released its report for the year 2022 according to the European calendar, and predicted that Ethiopia would lose more than 145 million dollars in one year. On the other hand, according to data released by an international non-governmental organization called Netblox in 2019, Ethiopia will lose at least 4.5 million dollars every day the Internet is shut down.

“This ban on selected social media platforms clearly violates the rights of citizens to freedom of expression and access to information,” said Amnesty International, stating that it violates Ethiopia’s constitution and national laws, as well as continental and international agreements of which Ethiopia is a member.

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