Artist Meron Getnet

Anyone who love watching movies or attending poetry nights, won’t be unfamiliar with her face, because is one of the icons in the industry. Meron Getnet is an Ethiopian actress, political activist, journalist and poet. She was known for her courageous critique toward government.

America has imposed new sanctions on China
Addis Ababa, February 4, 2015 (FBC) The sanctions were imposed after the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) shot down a Chinese floating balloon with a missile.

The United States has announced new sanctions targeting six companies it says are linked to Beijing’s security program.
The U.S. Commerce Department said in a statement that the facilities were blacklisted for supporting China’s “military modernization efforts, particularly activities related to its aerospace programs.”

Among them are ships, floating balloons and related materials used by Beijing for security and surveillance purposes. It is said that the new sanctions will make it difficult for the companies to acquire American technologies.

RT reports that the sanctions include Beijing’s Nanjing Aerospace Technology and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation’s 48th Research Institute.
Allan Estevez, US Secretary of Industry and Security, said China’s use of high-altitude balloons violates our sovereignty and threatens US national security.
They also stated that the sanctions will prevent those who want to undermine Washington’s national security from accessing American technologies.

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