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statement from Government Communications on current affairs

It is known that the government has decided to resolve the differences between the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo fathers through dialogue and internal procedures. For this, the elders of the country and all concerned are making efforts.

It is stipulated in our constitution that there cannot be a state religion or a religious government. The difference between the fathers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church can be seen in the internal workings of the church and then in the civil court.

It is known that the executive body will fulfill its responsibility of execution only when it is decided by the court.

In the meantime, the government has confirmed in various ways that those who are active in using the opportunity for nefarious political purposes are being revealed.

The government has discovered that a group composed of rich people, politicians and “spiritual youth organizations” has been organized from the center down to “organize the sacrifice march”.

The government has confirmed that this group, which wants to take the opportunity to shake the government with armed violence, has started recruiting and deploying youths, collecting money for its purpose in various ways and establishing relations with armed forces illegally.

It has been confirmed that the media group, which has been planned and organized for this evil purpose, has started its work.

In this monitoring process, rioters with sound and non-sound devices have been caught while on deployment. Groups have also been seen using church bells for inappropriate purposes to cause violence. They have been found in every area recruiting and deploying youths for conflict.

Forces trying to pursue their political goals under the guise of religion have been arrested. It is also known that there are hidden hands who want to destroy the reputation of the government by violating the rights of people and religious institutions by using the responsibility given to them.

Instead of solving the problem in general, it has shifted to using the problem as a means to achieve a clear political goal. This affects the peace, security and development of the country. Therefore, the process of arresting those who deliberately engaged in this activity and bringing them to justice has been started. It will continue to grow.

After this, as the government has stated before, since the issue has crossed the red line, there is no such thing as a “sacrifice march”, the government will now announce that it will engage in strong law enforcement in order to create national stability and ensure the safety of the citizens.

On this occasion, the government urges all those who unknowingly and sincerely follow the forces of destruction to understand that the path will lead to worse destruction and refrain from your actions.

As before, the entire nation calls on the government to cooperate with the security agencies to protect the environment and peace. By undermining the legal and constitutional system, it is not possible to achieve evil political will through any kind of force and violence.

February 2, 2015

Government Communication Service

Federal government communication service
Addis Ababa

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