Breaking: OLA start mass killing and faced a serious confrontation from #Fano

The government-backed terrorist group OLF is said to be carrying out large-scale attacks around Sharobit
The federal army did not want to ease tensions, saying it had not been instructed by the Amhara Regional State Special Forces.
It is learned that the terrorist wing of the regime, OLF, which launched a surprise attack on Molale Negeso in North Shoa last night, has mobilized a large number of troops from Chemise and Senbete, destroying Amhara homes in Negeso in the evening and attacking Shewarobit Kebele 5 today.
The OLF, which is armed at the level of the regular army, is defending the local Minisha and Fano to prevent further harassment, and it is believed that the Amhara Regional State Special Forces, which was requested to stop the incident, did not receive orders from the top leadership. Terrorism is feared to escalate into a full-blown crisis.
Fighting has been raging around Shewarobit since yesterday, and residents are reported to be under heavy attack by OLF forces.

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