Breaking: Sudanese militants start attack in Ethiopia’s border area with heavy weapons

Sudanese militants start attack in Ethiopia’s border area, Armacho woreda, with heavy weapons

Residents of West Gondar Zone, West Armacho Woreda of Amhara State said that Sudanese militants used heavy weapons in the area. Sisay Asheber, a local resident, told Deutsche Welle that the attack had been sporadic since June 15 and that the militants had been driven out of the area.

 “The attack started at 8 Am o’clock, in the morning, and was not ease untill 1 PM, they are still beating. There was even the a fighter jet, but does not attack, rather it survey the area and go back soon, but the troop were firing heavy artilleries, while we are equipped with normal hand guns which does not allow us to counter them” said the eye witness.

Another eyewitness said the Sudanese were collaborating with “domestic terrorists (TPLF)” to prevent local investors from entering agricultural activities. Although they did not know exactly whose it was, they have seen a helicopter, which show up for a while and disappear immediately.

A government official in West Gondar Zone, when asked about the incident, said the militants had launched an attack since 3 a.m. but returned without causing severe damage.

Residents and government officials who spoke to the scene confirmed that the attack had stopped after 1 PM, means after striking the area with heavy artilleries for almost 6 hours.

Last week, similar clashes took place in the same area, with Ethiopian farmers and local fans reportedly fleeing the area.

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