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Borena zone, of Oromia. has lost an estimated 33 billion birr due to the drought

Abdul Salam Wario, Deputy Administrator of Borena Zone, said that more than 3 million animals died in the zone due to the drought, and 85 percent of them were cattle. He reminded that many works are being done to save the remaining 230,000 cattle. They said. In addition, 135,000 quintals of fodder are needed, but only one percent of them could be supplied, and they are facing a severe shortage of fodder, the deputy administrator of the zone added.

The deputy governor said that it may be difficult to rescue the cattle that are in trouble due to the insufficient support given to them due to the drought in the zone. Following the drought in the area, it is said that the zone has lost an estimated 33 billion birr due to the death of cattle.

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