Comedian Eshetu’s Dink Lijoch in Paris

Comedian Eshetu Melese, the owner of popular YouTube channel, Donkey Tube, which has more than 1.86 million subscribers, and host and producer of shows like Dink Lijoch (means amazing kids) among others, has traveled to Paris, France to meet Ethiopian kids who are born in Europe and produce some episodes for his show.

The three popes who apologized and the 25 appointees were ordered to return to their former positions.

It was decided that the priests and ministers who were expelled from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church by the Holy Synod and who apologized today will return to their previous services.

In the statement that the church is currently giving, the Holy Synod decided that the 3 popes and the 25 bishops-designate who had been condemned should return to their dioceses and their former church service and admitted that the problem cannot be solved except by forgiveness.

In addition, it was decided that the church should do other work, including allocating the appropriate budget, to answer the question of ministering in language that was raised by the individuals who appointed themselves in the past days. Appointments needed to provide services in the language of the faithful will be decided and announced.

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