Confirmed: Good News for Ethiopia, the star will miss a match with a team he want to revenge

Mohammed Salah, Egyptian International

Now it is confirmed that the pharaoh’s star will miss a great match with a team, which could be a great opportunity to him, for he was desperate to have his revenge. Mohammed Salah, will not represent his national team in a clash with Ethiopia, according to affirmation of reports from Cairo.

Egypt national football team and Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah will not be in the squad for the match against Ethiopia on June 9, 2022, the country’s football federation announced, said the reports form the capital while declaring that how their star is going to miss the golden opportunity make his country winner, at least on the pitch, since Ethiopia has beaten the Egyptians twice before and also going to beat them again for the third time in the coming summer by filling the disputed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

According to sources from Egyptian media, Egypt national team will play its Ethiopian counterpart with out their striker Salah to qualify for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations on Thursday.

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