Destitute son looking for his lost mother

Destitute son looking for his lost mother.

The government of Oromia region warned that it is not allowed to gather in groups or individually to support the drought in Borena zone.

The Oromia National Regional Government has issued a statement on the matter.

In the statement, it was pointed out that drought has occurred in some zones of the region, especially in the Borena zone, following five consecutive rainy seasons.

It is known that due to the drought, according to the government’s call, financial and in-kind support is being collected for the citizens who are in trouble.

After this, it is not allowed to support groups or individuals without the approval of the Oromia regional government or the Oromia Busa Gonofa.

OBN reported that this was a decision aimed at properly managing the collected support, and making it accessible to the vulnerable parties in a fair and transparent manner.

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