Dink Lijoch – Indian cute baby girl interview with Eshetu Melese

Indian cute baby girl interview – Dink Lijoch

A study has shown that the value of university students is decreasing.

A study conducted by the Ethiopian Ethics Center has shown that the lack of quality of education from time to time is one of the problems that arise in the education system.

The students of the universities of Addis Ababa, Bahardar, Gondar and Adama where the study was conducted gave the response; The students are said to have responded that “having a degree won’t make any difference.” In addition, some students entered the university to please their families or because of pressure from their parents, not because of their desire and motivation to gain knowledge.

The Ethiopian Ethics Center stated that the education system is unable to bring significant change because some students understand that they are unemployed after graduation. Since civic organizations have the responsibility to improve this, the Union of Christian Charitable and Development Associations, in coordination with the Ethiopian Ethics Center, has been conducting a two-day discussion on the misconduct in higher education institutions and in Mahrawi and economic transition.

Various research papers were presented in the forum and as observed by Bisrat Radio, many problems in higher education institutions were raised. In addition, it is said that misconduct is the main cause of conflicts in universities, and it is said that in the previous system, students were not allowed to have their own discussion forum, which prevented them from solving problems through speech.

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