Eritrea vows to continue its commitment to support ENDF

Eritrea has confirmed once again that it will not break its word in the campaign to strike the hideout of the invading bandit and take it off the shoulders of the people of Tigray and prevent it from being a threat to Ethiopia again.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Eritrean Armed Forces, General Philipos W/Yohannes, in his message confirming that Eritrea stands by Ethiopia, stated that the Ethiopian army has encircled the whole of Tigray to capture the TPLF bandits. They said.

General Philipos said, “No matter where the leaders of the TPLF gang hide, they will be dragged out from where they are hiding.” “The Eritrean Army will provide all the support requested” in the struggle to achieve the land of the Ethiopian People’s Liberation Army, he assured that Eritrea will always stand by the Ethiopian people and government.

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