Foods we should avoid to heal gastrointestinal sickness

Foods to avoid to heal gastrointestinal sickness

Government decide to raise housing of university teachers and administrators by 125 to 380 percent

A 125 to 380 percent increase has been made in the housing allowance, which is one of the issues frequently raised by teachers teaching in government universities. This increase in allowance made by the Civil Service Commission; University professors criticized it as “small”.

Teachers who teach at federal universities; Three months ago, during a partial strike, they demanded revisions in salaries, allowances and other benefits. When university teachers discussed with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last January; They demanded an increase in their salary and housing allowance.

The Federal Civil Service Commission yesterday, Wednesday, February 8; 2015 in his letter to universities; He announced that there has been an improvement in the housing allowance paid to teachers and technical assistants as well as leaders in higher education institutions. The biggest increase in the new housing allowance reform is for university presidents. According to this, the university presidents who were getting 2,500 Birr housing allowance under the current system; 9,500 birr have been increased.

The housing allowance of “lecturers” has reached 1,800, including 1,000 Birr. According to the new civil service housing allowance amendment, the minimum housing allowance of 1,600 Birr is for assistant graduate teachers and technical assistants.

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