Former higher government official clears him self as “not a certified thief”

Former government higher official, Yohannes Buayalew, slams the procedure and internal administration of the ruling prosperity party of Abiy Ahmed(PhD)

What kind of people are Amhara represented in the Prosperity Party? said Mr Yohannes on an interview about the congress of the party, which was held at the beginning of March 2022.

# I am not a certified thief.
# During my time in power, I did nothing to embarrass the people of Amhara or Ethiopia, so we have nothing to be ashamed of, my conscience is clear.
According to Yohannes, the ‘Amhara quota’ at the Prosperity Conference was covered by non-Amhara, but also Amhara-certified and certified thieves. People who are not Amhara but ‘Amhara’ are “saddened” by the situation.
In the process, Mr Yohannes should openly fight against those who have certified thieves, not Amharas, who represent Amhara. Don’t touch it like that!

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