Genet Nigatu – My mother was my role model for my success, I never suppress my kids.

Not everyone who always lough louder or always smile is happy in life, whether its in the past or the present time. All stars we know while they play, smile, having good time or rocking the tv shows, being headlines for their expensive closed have not the same life as they play in the movies they star or stages they performed. My mother was my role model for my success, will I never suppress my kids cause I know how I am important for them as a mother, said the famous rising movie star in her latest interview with Genet Nigatu.

84 million dollars was requested to help refugees in East Africa

Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Yemen, as well as 48 UN agencies and other humanitarian organizations have requested $84 million to help more than 1.5 million refugees in the Horn of Africa.

According to the International Organization for Migration, in a recent press conference in Nairobi, Kenya, there are currently a large number of refugees in East Africa who need urgent assistance. Therefore, he said, the requested money is crucial to meet the basic needs of the refugees.

Noting that the refugee crisis in the region is getting worse from time to time, the institution also pointed out that the international community should provide support to solve this problem fundamentally.

The fact that many of the refugees are women and children has made the problem worse.

It is also mentioned that conflict, climate change and poverty are the primary causes of human migration.

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