Getachew Reda admitted TPLF militants looted dessie and other cities, during the invasion.

Ethiopian Airlines signs agreement with Ethio Telecom to sell passenger tickets in Telebirr

Ethiopian Airlines and Ethio Telecom have signed an agreement to sell passenger tickets through Tele Birr. The agreement was signed by Ethio Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru and Ethiopian Airlines Chief Marketing Officer Lema Yadecha. The agreement will enable customers to purchase and pay for tickets using their mobile phones, wherever they are, without being harassed, he said.
It was also stated that the agreement between the two organizations will play an important role in creating a digital Ethiopia. Ethio Telecom and its financial institutions are introducing new and efficient methods to the trading system, said Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom. He said this will directly contribute to the growth of the digital economy.
He said the agreement is very important as Ethiopian carries a large number of passengers every year. He said millions of dollars had been raised from ticket sales since the launch of the ticket sales service on the Tele Birr app.
Lema, for his part, said the signing of the agreement by Ethiopian Airlines will make it easier for its customers. He said customers can get up to 30,000 birr tickets for their domestic and foreign tickets.

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