God have given me the right man to make me happy – Melat Nebiyu

God have given me the right man for my happy marital life – Melat Nebiyu.

Melat Nebiyu is an Ethiopian actress, who in a media interview on 12 November 2022, said she was blackmailed to pay ETB 200,000 to avoid the release of her nude photo. Melat stated she is trying to handle the case legally.

Ethiopia denounce a statement issued by the Arab League about the Great Renaissance Dam.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Ethiopia will not accept the statement issued by the Arab League in connection with the Great Renaissance Dam.

It is known that the league issued a unilateral statement yesterday, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on its Twitter account. He said that the construction work of the Renaissance Dam and the management of water filling should be left to the African countries concerned.

The statement that we don’t want to remind that there are riparian countries concerned about the dam issue said that the league is serving as a spokesperson for one country without respecting the basic international law. He also pointed out that the African Union has been organizing tripartite talks to bring Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt closer together by following the principle of African solutions to African problems.

In addition, the statement indicated that Egypt has delayed the negotiations due to its selfish claims around the Nile River.

Therefore, the government will follow the agreement signed between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan in March 2015 to continue the construction of the dam and water filling, the minister announced.

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