Haile Gebresilassie surprised artist Halima

Haile Gebresilassie surprised artist Halima

The construction of the new Nile bridge is 94 percent completed

The new Nile River Bridge construction project being built in Bahir Dar city is 94 percent complete.

Construction of the bridge is underway to complete it on schedule. The bridge bearing piers and underground permanent bearing foundations have been completed and 380 meters of the bridge’s 760 meter long “grader” has been completed.

In addition, 8 permanent bearing piers required for the bridge have been completed and the rest are being completed soon.

The construction is being done by the Chinese Communication Construction Company, CCCC, and the government has allocated a budget of 1.4 billion birr for the construction.

In 2011 The construction of the new Nile River Bridge, which has started, is being built to serve for 100 years from the time it is completed and put into service.

When the construction of the bridge is completed, it will be possible to pass six cars at a time, and it is expected that the construction will be completed in June 2015.

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