History is made; Waliyas beat the Pharaohs twice, on the Nile and on the pitch‼

History is made; Waliyas beat the Pharaohs twice, on the Nile and on the pitch‼

Ethiopia and Egypt are the founders of African football. Share this story, but today the difference between the two countries’ football rankings is huge. No matter how wide the gap, their rivalry for a variety of reasons has never faded.

Apart from being a symbol of the ancient civilization of the world and Africa, the two countries have been embroiled in various historical battles and the connection of the Nile River to the football village.

Many agree that the recent dispute between the two countries over the construction and filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has exposed their rivalry. The Wolves met with the Pharaohs at a football stadium today, as the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam began and the third round of water filling was under way.

The Wolves and Pharaohs, who have been drawn in Group 4 of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers in Cote d’Ivoire, have played their second group match against Malawi. The rare vultures won an unexpected victory over the pharaohs, a battle that was unforgettable in the history of the world, more than football. The Wolves, frustrated by Ethiopia’s inability to host this great battle on the field, were led by General Wubetu Abate and led by Dawa Hotesa and Abubakar Nasser.

Historically, over the years, the Pharaohs have completely defeated the Wolves in eleven games. Not only that, but when the pharaohs and the vultures meet, the vultures are worried that the vultures will not be defeated by a wide margin.

Today, though, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Shimeles Bekele did not have to wait for the second forty-five minutes to recapture the Pharaohs’ net. It is impossible to believe that the two countries are third and forty-third in African football.

How wonderful it would be if the vultures could enjoy this miraculous victory in front of their fans! However, the meaning of this frustration has been overcome. The Wolves gave their all to their country for writing this story.

“History is made” in Ethiopian sports for athletic heroes. What can explain the killing of the Wolves other than “history is made”?

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