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Debretabor University launched a rocket that can travel more than twenty thousand feet
Debretabor University has successfully launched a rocket named “Emperor Tewodros 2015” at an altitude of more than twenty thousand feet for the second time this year.

It is said that the university is focusing on space research and has established Gafat Space Engineering Development Center and is working on various research activities.

The founder and chairman of the center, Mr. He said that the rocket launch test was better researched than those tried before and equipped with technology to carry materials needed for space science.

The president of the university Dr. Angegarne Gashau said that Ethiopia is working in the field of space science. He said that the work done by the students and researchers of the university has shown the beginning that Ethiopia will play its part in space research like the civilized countries.

He also stated that Debretabor University is working in the field of rocket science among the space science researches being conducted in Ethiopia.

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