I always pray mom would die before me: unbelievable mother and son love story

እናቴ በህይወት እያለች እኔ ትዳር አልፈልግም ልጅም አልወልድም የሚለው የ40 አመቱ ጎልማሳ፥ እኔ ከሷ ቀድሜ ከሞትኩ እናቴን የሚንከባከብልኝ ስለማይኖር፣ እናቴ ከኔ በፊት እንድትሞት እጸልያለሁ – ልብ የሚነካ አስገራሚ እውነተኛ የእናትና ልጅ ፍቅር ታሪክ

He is 40 years old man who still lives with his mom amazingly vowed to have nothing like marriage and babies and such life before serving his mother till her last breath of air and get her blessing, to express his love for her.

The Bench shoko’s Zone High Court sentenced a man who killed a young woman for not accepting his love request in 19 years imprisionment.
The defendant young man, named Hitsanu Abraham, and the  dead young woman, named Wudie Nigusie, are a relatives living in a small village, and reported that their intimacy gradually turned into close friendship and then grow to love feeling and he expressed it to her.

However, the mortal girl, Wudie, also explains that she is not ready for love matters because she want to focuse on her school, said the prosecutor.

In this regard, the local police assured that the defiant, on December 15, 2014 E.C, in Mizan Aman town, Kometa kebele, around 5 PM, he stabbed the young woman to death, as a revenge for her refusal of his love request.

After investigating all proper clues and following necessary procedures, in addition to receiving the defiant’s testimony, the Benchi Sheko’s zone high court sentenced the young man with 19 years of imprisonment, so as to be a lesson for other not to commit such crimes in the future.

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