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The problem in Woldia town and Raya Kobo is a conspiracy to divide the security forces in the area, according to the Amhara Regional State Special Forces Police Deputy.
According to Colonel Zeleke Kifle, Deputy Commander of the Amhara Regional State Special Forces Police, the recent clashes in Woldiya town and Raya Kobo were a deliberate plot to divide the security forces and tarnish the image of Fano members. Colonel Zeleke Kifle said the government is working together to ensure the security of the area and the peace and security of the people.
Ephraim Assefa, one of the residents of the town who participated in the discussion, said he was saddened by the lack of understanding and discussion, adding that the youth should be involved in issues that benefit the country and not benefit from destructive agendas. East Amhara Fano Member Young Winner Woldiya and Raya Kobo
He said the youth-winning community should act as a bridge between such incidents and that all members of the security forces are giving their lives for the unity of the country. The meeting was attended by religious leaders, elders, zonal and woreda political leaders, national defense, special forces police and Fano leaders.
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