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“The Amhara region is being disturbed and losing rest because of problems outside the region” claim president Yelkal Kefale (PhD)

The head of state, Dr. Yelkal Kefale, said that the Amhara region is “disturbed” and “losing rest” due to problems outside the region. The natives of the Amhara region who have been displaced from the Oromia region and are in the region; The head of government also announced that an agreement has been reached to return to the Oromia region.

Dr. Yelkal said this in the House of People’s Representatives with elected representatives of the Amhara region and members of the regional council yesterday, Sunday, February 26; 2015 in their discussion. In this discussion; The members of the two councils, who were told to return after discussing with the people who elected them, presented a number of questions to the head of government.

Among the questions raised by the members of the council, it was noticed that they looked at infrastructure development. The members of the two councils, who raised issues related to security breach, displacement and “identity attacks”, expressed their questions in strong terms. Among the questions raised by the voters, they asked the leaders of the Amhara region about “the direction of the struggle” and “the state of unity”.

Responding to these questions, the head of government, Dr. They said that they accept the suggestion that “Amhara region has a security threat”. At the national level, the head of government stated that “there are visible problems here and there”. He explained that the problems that are occurring in the Amhara region are due to reasons “outside the region”. He told the electorates that the problems that occur in other regions have crossed over to Amhara region and become “the problem of the region”.[Eyoha Tv]

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