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Vital events registering office of Addis Ababa said it is receiving at least seven request for divorce on daily basis.

In the last 6 months, more than 1,300 divorces have been registered in Addis Ababa city. Addis Ababa City’s Vital Event Registration and Information Agency has announced that 1,342 divorces and 14,136 marriages have been registered in Addis Ababa in the past 6 months. This means that, on average, seven couples get legally divorced every day.

This year, the number of divorces registered in only 6 months is close compared to last year; Data indicates that 1 thousand 623 divorce registrations were made in 2014 fiscal year.Information from the Vital Event Registration and Information Agency shows that 16 thousand 35 divorces were conducted in Addis Ababa between 2012 and 2014 alone.

According to Ms. Betelhem, the Director of Vital Registration and Evidence Services, the information only refers to those who are legally registered in the office. According to the director, divorce and marriage take place both legally and culturally in different places; However, only a small number of people sign up to the Vital Registration and Information Agency.

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