I am the father of Abeba Desalegn, claims a father

I am the father of Abeba Desalegn

EHRC urged the members of the security forces who beat and kill innocents should be prosecuted,

EHRC announced in a statement today that government security forces beat, fired tear gas, plastic and live bullets at residents gathered in Menilk Square to celebrate the 127th Adwa victory.

Isemeko stated that the security forces have given him an excessive response and that the elderly and even children have been abused. He said that at least one person was killed and many others were injured.

Ismeko reminded that the primary responsibility of the security forces should have been to protect public safety and protect the human rights of everyone.

The ISMECO statement, which reminded that the members of the security forces who committed the act, should also be questioned, said, “Law enforcers should be adequately trained to prevent such incidents from happening.”

The BBC interviewed the next of kin and reported that the person who died during the ceremony was a civics teacher at King Menelik II High School.

Addis, who is the relative of the deceased Million, who stated that they were talking on the phone before the deceased died, states that he asked the health professionals about the circumstances of his death after Million was shot near Piazza Menilk Square and he passed away when he arrived at Abnet Hospital.

“When we inquired about his death, they told us that he was shot and the bullet that entered his side came out on the other side. Apart from that, we will not give detailed information to the police, but to you,” he said. He told the BBC at the time that the body of the deceased was taken to his native South Gondar wind outlet.

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