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Debre Tabor University launches successful rocket.

Debre Tabor University, one of the third generation universities, is working with a vision to answer Emperor Tewodros’ quest for knowledge.
The University launches successful rocket launching experiment at Amora Gedel on 154th anniversary of Emperor Tewodros’ martyrdom.

“This is the second time that the university has conducted such a study and it has been conducting various technological research over the years,” said Dr. Gashaw, president of the university.
He said the research will continue to grow and support the country’s space science research.
On the occasion of the Martyrs ‘Day, a Sebastopol cannon was erected in Debre Tabor to commemorate Emperor Tewodros’ cannon work.

Russia; Warns Sweden if Finland joins NATO;
Finland, which borders 1,300 miles [1,300 km] with Russia, is said to be considering joining NATO.

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