I ask Henok Dinku to marry me – actress Friehiwot

I ask Henok Dinku to marry me

Sheger City officially started its operation officially.

It has been announced that Sheger City officially started its work today in the presence of the regional government’s president, Ato Shimelis Abdisa, senior officials of the region, dignitaries and invited guests.

OBN reported that Sheger City, which was made up of 12 sub-cities and 36 districts by uniting the previous 6 cities, was officially launched today in the presence of senior government leaders.

Meanwhile, Innocents whose houses were demolished in the newly established city called “Sheger” are falling on the field and being eaten by hyenas. As mothers ran to save their furniture from the scavengers, their children were eaten by hyenas.

A pregnant woman who was about to give birth was shot dead because she told her not to destroy my house.

Those whose homes were destroyed and whose hopes were dark, committed suicide.

Innocents were crushed to death by the dozers who demolished their houses on top of them at night.

In Turkey and Syria, houses are collapsing and citizens are dying due to earthquakes. The prosperity of the Oromo is waiting for them while they are sleeping and destroying their houses in front of them and consuming the innocent.

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