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Italy is said to be hoping for Africa to break free of its oil dependence on Russia.
Top officials of the country are said to be exploiting Africa’s oil potential.
It is said to have sent its ministers to Central Africa to find an urgent oil market. It is also rumored that Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are considering alternative oil trading partners.

Italy supplies about 45 percent of its oil to Russia. This makes it one of the European countries that is dependent on Russian oil, like Germany. It is also said that it has not been able to take a stand on the Ukraine war.

But now she is desperately seeking refuge in Russia. Prime Minister Mario Dragi has sent a delegation led by Foreign Minister Di Mayo to Central Africa, saying economic protection should not be used for political purposes.

Italy has already signed agreements with Algeria and Egypt to supply more oil. Algeria is the second largest supplier of oil to Italy after Russia. Algeria also accounts for about 30 percent of its consumption. About 45% of Italy’s energy consumption is covered by oil. About 95% of the oil supply is also imported.

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