I feel so happy when he call me mom

I feel so happy when he call me mom

Students stopped their studies

Borena Zone Education Office stated that more than 7 thousand 800 students have stopped their studies following the drought in Borena Zone.

According to the head of the office, Tesfaye W. Michael, the results of 174 thousand students who are studying in 490 schools in the zone have also decreased.

He said that a food program is being done to keep the students from dropping out of school and pointed out that the region has allocated 45 million birr to continue the food.

At present, it is stated that learning, accommodation and food services are being provided in 80 schools.

He said that 47 schools were destroyed due to the strong wind that followed the drought in the zone and the state government has allocated 5 million birr for reconstruction.

It is said that a movement has been started to build 21 schools quickly.

The head said that there are no schools that have been closed due to the drought so far, and they are being made to study in booths that have been demolished.

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