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28 people were injured in the fire break out in the capital.

Five people were reported to have severe smoke inhalation

The Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission announced that 28 people suffered serious and minor smoke suffocation in the fire that broke out behind the Gofa Gabriel Church in Lafto sub-city district 6.

According to Ngatu Mamo, Public Relations Specialist of the Commission, he told Bisrat Radio; Yesterday, February 6, 2015, at 9:20 a.m., a fire broke out on old tires that were used behind Gofa Gabriel Church, Lafato District, Shalketema District 6.

It is said that the fire did not cause any damage to the church apart from the damage to an old tire stored in an open space near the garage behind the Gofa Gabriel Church.

It was stated in the information released yesterday that no one was injured. They told the radio station that this was because the damage was not known and many people were heading to the church due to false rumors that there had been an accident.

The commission announced today that 28 people were injured in the accident. 5 of them suffered from severe smoke inhalation and were sent to Zewditu Hospital and local health centers by the commission’s ambulance. The commission announced that the cause of the accident is being investigated.

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