I love his personality, not his physical

I love his personality, not his physical. when I decide to accept his request for relationship the only reason I have was pure emotion and the great respect he gave me. However, everybody ask me what for I am with him because he is very short physically, the truth is I don’t care about his appearance at all because I fell blessed and happy when I am with him, I love his personality, so I don’t care about what people say about us.

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“We still do many jobs with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia” said Abune Abraham, in a briefing for the accusation raised from the illegal synod.

The church has stated that the #rumours related to banking services are not true.

The General Manager of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and the Archbishop of Bahrdar Diocese, Blessed Abune Abraham; He said that there will be many rumors related to the banking services of the church.

“The Church is working with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,” His Eminence said, “We started working with the Abai Bank because it was the winner in a legal bidding process.”

“We have more money in Ethiopian Commercial Bank and Oromia Bank than in Abai Bank,” said Abune Abraham. “Abai Bank is a banking service where our money is portable and provides credit services to the employees to make car, home and miscellaneous purchases,” he explained.

on the other hand; His Holiness said that the church has deposited immovable money in Oromia Bank.

His Eminence has informed that “She has deposited a very small amount of money in Awash, Union and Abyssinia banks; apart from this, there is no central church administration money deposited in any other bank or Amhara bank.”

“If it is said that there is money deposited, it can be presented with evidence,” he said, adding, “We still do many jobs with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.”

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