I only need one chance to please you

I only need one chance to please you

The entry point of technical and vocational institutions announced

The Ministry of Labor and Skills has issued a statement on the new education and training policy and the entry point for technical and vocational institutions in the 2015 training period.

According to the Minister of Labor and Skills, Ms. Muferihat Kamil, the Ministry has prepared the cut-off point for the admission of technical and vocational institutions for the 2015 training period based on the needs of the labor market and the industry.

Based on this, the minister added that 608,666 trainees are expected to enter technical and vocational training during the training period, not including those hosted by centers other than technical and vocational.

Minister of State for Technical and Vocational Sector of the Ministry of Work and Skills Dr. Teshale Berecha said; According to the information received from the Ministry, Bisrat said that the cut-off point prepared this year will be based on the cut-off point set in 2014.

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