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Journalist and human rights defender Iskander Nega has been released from prison.

Eskander Nega was released from Bahr Dar 9th police station in the evening.

It is known that Iskander Nega, who was arrested in Bure Damot in the West Gojam zone and brought to Bahr Dar and then to Addis Ababa to Dejen city to hand him over to the federal government, was sent back to Bahr Dar after giving a short speech to the people gathered in Dejen and the surrounding areas, especially the youth, on February 19/2015. .

It was stated that journalist and human rights activist Eskander Nega, who arrived in Bahr Dar after hours of travel, was stopped at the 9th police station. However, following the pressure of Behar Dar city and the local residents, especially the youths, to release Iskandar to the 9th police station where he was arrested, it is known that he was released from prison in the evening along with the youths who were arrested with him.

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