I want to know about Orormo cultural dance, but I don’t understand the culture well

Our neglected heritage; Ethiopia is known for its rich historical and natural resources. However, she still has a long way to go before she can take care of these treasures and pass them on to the next generation. Many have heard of the need to pay attention to the dangers posed by her heritage in different parts of the world.
Countries are working to develop the ‘smoke-free’ tourism sector, which has a large wealth of resources around the world. At various events, everyone strives to benefit from the sector by promoting their historical, cultural, religious, natural and cultural heritage to the best of their ability.
Given its tangible and intangible spiritual resources in this regard, Ethiopia is registering its heritage in various fields. According to the Ministry of Tourism (formerly the Ministry of Culture and Tourism), due to its natural resources, it strives to register many tourist attractions worldwide.
Among the monuments to be explored are the Axum Monument to the Omo Valley, as well as a number of cultural and religious ceremonies. Amazing geography, climate, rare wildlife, and human habitat are among the major attractions in Ethiopia.
addis maleda
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